Age Discrimination in the Workplace

There are different types of bullying and discrimination that can exist in the modern workplace. Some may find themselves discriminated against because of race, gender, and even age. Age discrimination happens when an individual doesn’t get fair treatment because of his age. Sadly, this situation is prevalent in many companies; people experience being refused of employment or being left out of due promotion and pay raise because they are already over 40 years of age.


Despite our modern workplace setup, it seems that we can never really do away with the usual harassment being experienced by senior workers. There are companies that reward and give due recognition to employees who have been with them for a long time and compensate them justly for as long as they are productive. However, it cannot be denied that many cases exist where employers give obvious preference to younger employees or job applicants when  they make decisions related to compensation, bonuses, benefits, and promotions not on the basis of qualifications but of age. Employers can be made liable for these violations. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is clear in its guidelines so that employees are protected of their basic employment rights.


Employee rights encompass the rights of both young and older employees. Where it’s common to see younger employees being bullied, discrimination against the old employees is more prevalent. Just like old appliances and gadgets, older employees may experience being treated as if they’re obsolete and more than ready to be replaced. Unless they have really turned out to be grossly inefficient which would be sufficient grounds to be fired, employers are to give these senior employees the same fair treatment as anyone else in the company. Sadly, most older employees don’t complain for fear of losing their job.


When you feel you have rights being violated by your employer, always seek the help of an expert California Wage Law attorney. A case doesn’t always have to end up in the court of law but it’s always good to know what your basic rights are so you are given due respect and equal treatment in the workplace.

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