California Labor Board Respresenting Employees For Unpaid Wages

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The California Labor Board does represent employees for unpaid wages. However, the employee needs to understand the California Labor Board representation will be quite limited. You will need to be on-top of your case, meaning, you will need to establish your case with all the evidence. Simply put, the California Labor Board just does not have the resources to do a quality representation. I hate to be speak harsh, but the State of California does not have the budget to investigate and adequately handle the thousands of employees that are cheated out of wages each and every year.

If you have been cheated out of wages, it is your choice to file a claim with the California Labor Board or obtain an experienced private attorney. In most cases, it is my opinion the experienced private attorney will achieve a better result even considering the attorney will receive a fee. In other words, it is worth finding an experience private attorney that has expertise in wage & hour matters, such as unpaid overtime, failure of an employer to reimburse for mileage, unpaid commissions and other California Labor Code violations.

If you need an attorney, California Wage Law Attorney is here to help. The consultation is free and confidential.

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