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What do California Labor Laws Say about Vacation Pay?

According to California labor laws no employer is actually required to offer vacation time to any employee. As such any vacation time is something that is either offered by the employer or negotiated as a part of the terms of employment. However, if a vacation plan is offered the laws state that the employer must abide by the terms of the agreement and he must pay the employee straight time wages.

To add to this, if an employee does not use his vacation within the one year time frame, the employer must either buy it back at straight time rate or allow it to be carried over to the next year. Under California labor laws any employee who is terminated or quits must also be paid his accrued vacation with certain exceptions. If you are not getting paid your vacation time, were terminated or quit and did not get paid, contact the California Wage Law Attorney and let us take of getting the money you are owed.

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