California Minimum Wage

Not Being Paid the California Minimum Wage – Find Out Why Not

As with every state in the union there is a minimum wage in California, the biggest difference is that here it is $8 per hour instead of the current federal minimum wage due to the high cost of living. With the exception of a few very specific jobs, everyone employee in the state is entitled by law to receive this rate of pay for their job.

If you are working for a living and are not getting paid the minimum wage in California, you need to find out why. You need to realize that many employers in the state rely on the fact that their employees may not know that they should be getting paid minimum wage and try to cheat them out of money that they are legally entitled to. If you suspect you are not being paid the state minimum wage, you need to contact the California Wage Law Attorney and let us get you the money you should have been getting all along.

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