California Minimum Wage Law

It is a sad fact that every day thousands of California workers are neglected of their lawful wages. While some are not willfully done, majority of cases are intentionally committed by employers to save on their expenses. With the unstable economy that beset the country, many employers are tempted to engage in such unlawful practice. After all, non-payment or underpayment of wages is an easy and effective way of cutting costs.

But the California Minimum Wage Law sternly warns employers against such injustice against the working class. The law ensures that all workers receive no less than the prescribed California Minimum Wage which is, at present, set at $8 per hour. Although there are some exceptions, state labor laws require all employers to pay their workers above the minimum wage. In fact, in some economic regions, a local administrative rule may fix the minimum wage higher than the state’s hourly rate.

If you have any unpaid minimum wage or you are paid below the state minimum wage, you must seek the assistance of a California Wage Law Attorney to determine the value of your claim. Take note that you may not only be entitled to receive the gross income, but also related interest, penalties and other damages. An experienced attorney can help evaluate your case and determine the exact value of your claim.

Workers who have accrued unpaid minimum wage can recover the money owed them by filing an official complaint. Although you can personally file claim through the Labor Commissioner, it would take so much of your time arranging paperwork and attending to legal matters. At the same time, there are a lot of legal processes which you may not be very familiar with. Working with someone who knows the law can help make things a lot easier.

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