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Employment Law Case Studies

Our law firm has successfully handled a wide variety of cases in which employee rights were being violated. Read about some of our current and past clients below to see how we can help you.


Overtime Pay and Check Cashing Case Study: Senff vs. Sprint Nextel

Senff, a sales representative at Sprint Nextel in California, came to us after Sprint Nextel failed to pay time and one half for overtime compensation while requiring employees to work over eight hours a day or forty hours a week. Senff was also affected by other unfair labor practices, including paychecks issued by an out of state bank that could not be cashed without a fee or lengthy hold, and Sprint Nextel’s failure to pay unpaid wages upon discharge. Representing a large class of employees who were subjected to Sprint Nextel’s labor code violations, our law firm filed a class action suit that was settled.


Expense Reimbursement and Minimum Wage Case Study: Estrada vs. H. Granados

This is a current matter whereby our firm filed a class action lawsuit. Involved in this case were cable installation technicians employed by H. Granados, a cable installation company with over 200 technicians. The employees allege that they were not paid California minimum wage and overtime, and that H. Granados refused to reimburse them for expenses incurred on the job and made illegal deductions from employees’ paychecks. Upon leaving their jobs, these technicians were not given the wages still owed to them. Under these unfair and illegal policies, H. Granados’ employees lost a significant portion of the wages they had rightfully earned. Our firm is currently litigating this class action suit.


Unpaid Wages & Expense Reimbursement Action Case Study: Sabatier vs. Picture Perfect Installation

A technician with Picture Perfect Installation in Southern California, Sabatier and other employees in the same position were required to accept less than minimum wage and overtime pay, tolerate unlawful deductions, and pay for expenses incurred in performing duties, such as cell phone bills and automobile mileage. Picture Perfect also failed to pay Sabatier’s unpaid wages upon discharge. Its actions violated California labor codes and unfair business competition laws. We filed a class action lawsuit on his behalf and other affected employees of Picture Perfect Installation for compensation for unpaid wages, expense reimbursement, and penalties for breaking state law.


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