Compensation Issues

Salary and wages are the primary things most of us are working for. Being underpaid, whether due to miscommunication, ignorance or intent is a serious matter. At California Wage Law Attorney we are familiar with many issues that can arise and can determine how the California wage law applies in your situation. Often employers are willing to come to a settlement quickly and avoid a time-consuming legal process.

  • Hourly vs. salary
    • Computer-Software-Quality Control persons
  • Independent Contractor Status vs. Employee
  • Overtime Pay
  • Commission Issues
    • How do you calculate overtime when on commission.
    • Inside Sales
      • Calculation of overtime
      • Inside Sales Exemption
      • Phone sales
        • Selling B2B
        • Selling retail
        • Selling wholesale
    • Piece Rate of Pay
      • Calculation of overtime
    • Outside Sales
      • Mileage
    • Bonus Payments
    • Misclassification of manager as exempt employee.
  • Working off the clock
  • Detachable Wage Statements
  • Contractor status
  • Out-of-state paychecks
    • Employer uses out of state bank.
    • Check cashing fees or delay in payment
  • Vacation Pay
  • Alternative Work Schedule
  • On-call time

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