Harassment in the Workplace

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Victims of workplace harassment are usually horrified when they try to seek legal remedies for their situation. Often than not, employees fail to recognize their rights and thus leads to inaction. The cycle of harassment continues to thrive turning the work environment even more hostile.
So what constitutes workplace harassment?
Harassment in the workplace is any form of unsolicited action toward an employee that makes the job more difficult to complete. While the harassment may be based on different factors; culture, age, gender, race, sexual orientation and creed are the most common causes of harassment. In addition, harassment is often associated with abuse or misuse of power.
Fortunately, there are specific state and federal labor laws that protect workers from undue job abuse. A qualified California Wage Law Attorney can help sort out all legal recourses available for you. These experts in labor laws will assist you in claiming just remuneration should harassment be proven.
Basically, the California Wage Law Attorney will have to prove several factors to establish a valid workplace harassment claim. First, the act must be offensive and unwelcome to the victim. Second, the target must express his or her objection to the harassing act. The person must demonstrate actions that prevent the incidence from happening again. Finally, the nature of the behavior puts unnecessary strain or makes the employee’s tasks more difficult to carry out.
Unwelcome sexual advances from coworkers or supervisor are some of the most common forms of workplace harassment. This can happen to both male and female employees, and will usually entail tempting bargain such as assurance of employment or promotions. Harassment in the workplace can also take the form of insulting jokes or irresponsible remarks that directly attack a person’s belief, gender, age or disability. There are countless intimidating behaviors that actually constitute workplace harassment.
If you feel unsafe and insecure in your workplace or you find actions of another employee as offending and harassing, you must not delay seeking the advice of a California Wage Law Attorney. These experts will definitely safeguard your rights.

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