Hiring – Giving Notice – Termination issues

Hiring – Giving Notice – Termination Issues

  • Do you suspect you are not being hired due to discrimination based on gender, race or age?
  • Is a prospective employer asking the wrong people or the wrong questions during a reference check?
  • Is your employer not giving you what you were promised when you were hired?
  • Do you believe you’ve been unfairly or illegally terminated?
  • However you leave a company, are your wages, expenses and perhaps investments being paid promptly?

California Labor Law Attorney is familiar with all these issues and can assist you in these matters.

  • Discrimination (gender – race – age – …)
    • Public policy
  • Reference checks vs. Criminal Background Checks
    • Checking into arrests, misdemeanors
  • Criminal/Residency background checks
  • Compliance with original hiring agreement
  • Giving notice by employee of termination
    • When is final paycheck due?
    • Depends on timing of notice.
  • Termination – justification
    • Employee at will California
  • Final wages
    • Payment of wages upon termination
  • Reference source

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