How to Handle Wrongful Termination

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Getting fired has become commonplace especially these days when the economy is bad. In fact, being discharged from work can happen to almost anyone, even the best of us. However, the law protects employees from being unjustly terminated from work.
So, if you’ve been terminated and you believe the reason is baseless, what’s the best thing for you to do? How do you manage the situation? Does the firing constitute wrongful termination? Here’s what a reputable California Wage Law Attorney would recommend.
Stay Calm
Definitely, being fired from work with no reason can be a frustrating. However, you should not let your emotions drive you to panic, which can do no help but only jeopardize your case. Contain your emotions as much as possible and find a safe way of venting those frustrations. Respect and accept your employer’s decision, for now. Although it’s not easy, calm yourself down to avoid complicating the situation.
Know Your Legal Rights
Once in this situation, you must consider doing your own legal research. Take note, that there is no single law that protects workers against wrongful termination, rather there are overlapping federal and state laws that address employment issues. Based on your research, evaluate whether the firing can be considered legitimate or not. If you are not comfortable with legal terms, a reputable California Wage Law Attorney would be your best resource.
Strengthen Your Case
After evaluating your case and figuring out the best legal remedy, it’s time to consolidate all necessary documents to solidify your claim for a wrongful termination. Record all events pertinent to your employment and subsequent termination. Keep essential documents such as memos, performance records and reviews, correspondence, employment contract and company policies, among others.
Request Legal Remedy
Hiring a good California Wage Law Attorney is important in handling the legal process involved in a wrongful termination claim. Depending on the facts of your case, your lawyer can choose negotiation or file a lawsuit. Either way, their expertise in this field of law will ensure you’ll get just compensation. Remember that the process may extend for several months or even years.

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