Manufacturing, Servicing and Transportation workers

Manufacturing Job– Servicing Job

Jobs on a factory floor or in servicing manufacturing accounts can be hard work. Full meal breaks and rest periods are important to the worker as well as to performance and accuracy in doing the job. 
Rush jobs or orders that have been become delayed may require overtime. Even if your employer is short on help or short on cash, the hours must be reasonable and overtime must be paid for. 
If you are unhappy with a situation – or even just unclear about your rights, California Labor Law Attorney can provide advice as to your status. If legal action seems the best response, it can be pursued on behalf of you, or perhaps a class-action suit will seem merited.

  • Factory-work
  • Vehicle repair
  • Service centers

Transportation Workers

Transportation work, especially if it crosses state or international borders, can be affected by a confusing set of overlapping employee-related laws. Employers often have lawyers to sort through these issues and you may, at times, want legal advice as well to guarantee that your interests are not lost in the process.

  • Trucking (interstate – local – deliveries)
  • Cauffering (cars – vans)
  • Public vehicles (bus – train – water-based)
  • Benefits
  • Health Benefits – Pension – investments

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