Minimum Wage California

Why it the Minimum Wage in California Higher than the Federal Minimum Wage?

If you are new to the state, you might have noticed that a number of the jobs you see advertised pay the state minimum wage of $8 per hour. This might lead you to wonder why the minimum wage in California is higher than the wage established at the federal level. The simplest answer is that the cost of living here is high enough that the federal minimum wage is not enough.

If for any reason you take a job in the state and then find out on payday that you are not being paid the California minimum wage, the first person you need to talk to is your employer. Unfortunately you are likely to find that if you are not being paid minimum wage, it is being done intentionally and your only recourse to get the money you are owed is to hire an attorney such as the California Wage Law Attorney to handle your case.

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