Minimum Wage California

Why am I paid less than minimum wage in California?

You may be getting less than minimum wage in California if you work in a service industry. Servers are paid less than the required $8.00 per hour because part of their income is based on tips. You may also receive less than minimum wage if your income is based on a commission, such as an insurance salesperson or a telemarketer. There are a few exceptions to the minimum wage laws, but you should always consult with the labor board to see if your position falls into this category.

Do I get less than minimum wage in California because I am from another country?

Discrimination laws protect people from receiving less than the minimum wage in California because of their national origin. No matter in what country you are born, when working in California you should receive at least $8.00 per hour. If you feel you are experiencing discrimination, you should consult an attorney such as the ones at California Wage Law Attorney.

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