Minimum Wage in California

Standby Time Pay and Minimum Wage in California

In the state of California an employee is either exempt or non-exempt when it comes to the minimum wage in California. It therefore only stands to reason then that any employee who is labeled as non-exempt would be entitled to receive standby time pay at the rate of no less than the minimum wage of $8 per hour or more if he has negotiated it with his employer.

Thus if you are not required to stay at your place of employment by your employer, but are required to remain on call to respond to a call to return to work, you must be paid standby time pay for the hours that you are required to remain on standby. This is covered under 1WC Wage Orders, Section 2(k) as adopted by the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement. If you are having problems getting paid for your standby time bring your records of the hours you have been required to keep to the California Wage Law Attorney and let us make sure you get paid.

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