My Employer Yelled At Me, Can I Sue My Employer?

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Can I sue my employee for yelling at me? There is no single answer to this question. Basically, federal and state labor laws only ensure that workplace environment is conducive for the employees which includes protecting employees against hostile work environment. If your employer has yelled at you at work, it does not guarantee that you can file a lawsuit. The circumstances and context that surround the incident will need to be evaluated. In general, employees can file a complaint when harassment in the work environment can be legally established. This is something that is quite difficult to prove in the court.

If your employer is offensive or rude on a regular basis, it does not necessarily mean that the work environment is hostile. In order for a workplace to be considered hostile and legally actionable, the offensive or rude comments should be proven as discriminatory in nature or severe enough to be considered as harassment. For instance, if the boss or supervisor is yelling on the employee due to reasons that are not work-related such as creed or race, sexual preference, religious or political affiliation, etc., then the conduct of the employer may be legally actionable. When yelling is done on a frequent basis, the employee may have grounds for filing complaints against harassment in the workplace.

There are several things that you need to prove in order to establish a hostile work environment as well as harassment. For this you need to have record, proof, or witnesses to prove an unwelcome conduct such as verbal or physical abuse. The conduct should also need to be pervasive or severe such that it creates an abusive workplace or that the condition of your employment is adversely affected.

Can I sue my employer for yelling at me? The answer to your question depends on many factors. If you feel your rights have been aggrieved and you interested in filing a legal complaint, you will certainly need the help of a reliable California Wage Law Attorney to give you appropriate legal advice. 

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