Office and government workers

Office Workers

More offices are offering telecommuting options which can raise issues regarding tracking hours and expenses.

Child-care issues can sometimes emerge as well as education and training expenses. In-house contractors sometimes have a vague status regarding options and benefits. At California Wage Law Attorney we can review your situation against current regulations and advise or pursue the most effective course of action.

  • Deskwork
  • Software Developers
  • Service/sales counter work
  • Help-desk/Online support
  • B2B phone sales
  • Who pays all the expenses of operating the office? Employee or Employer

Government Workers

Government work often provides many employees benefits. Many of these, by law, must be extended to contract workers as well, and some even to volunteer workers. Some private firms doing work for the government may also be required to offer certain benefits to their workers. We can help you sift through these requirements so you get your full share of benefits.

  • Prevailing Wage Rate of Government Entity Jobs. Applies to contractor. or big penalties for employer.
  • Government/Community service
  • Volunteer work
  • Other institutions

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