Prevailing Wage California

Is Your Employer Paying You the Prevailing Wage in California?

As so many of the construction projects in California being funded by the state, the state has passed several laws governing the prevailing wage in California for each job. Although the rates may differ for each particular trade, a base minimum for each has been established under California Prevailing Wage Law. Sadly far too many employers are willing to sacrifice almost everything but their profits to win these valuable government contracts.

These sacrifices include refusing to pay their employees the appropriate prevailing wage in California. In their race to be the lowest bidder, it is the employee who always ends up paying the cost of winning. If you feel that your employer is not paying you the prevailing wage, you and your fellow employees need to retain the services of an attorney who specializes in California wage laws such as the California Wage Law Attorney to help you take your employer to court and get the money you are entitled to.


  1. James Spiva on

    I am a shop worker that fabricates sheet metal for a bunch of schools and other state jobs. I”m wanting to know if us shop workers are entitled to previaling wages?

    • Sheet metal workers are generally paid a prevailing wage. Feel free to call my office if you decide to take legal action. If you are not ready, we also represent former employees. Scott Miller, Attorney 800-417-2008

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