Prevailing Wage California

What Exactly is the Prevailing Wage in California?

Although many states do not have a prevailing wage law, the state of California has established a prevailing wage for many of the different professions to ensure that those who have spent the time and money learning to master their skills are not forced to work for low wages. The law prevents employers from undercutting those who are already working and replacing them with lower paid employees.

Just because this law exists does not meant that unscrupulous employers will not try to hire employees at wages that are below the prevailing wage in California. In fact you will find that it happens far too often as many people are happy to take a job even if the pay is too low. If you feel that you are not being paid prevailing wage or your employer is hiring at below it, you need to contact the California Wage Law Attorney and let us find out what is going on so that we can ensure you are getting paid properly.

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