Prevailing Wage Rate

Prevailing Wage Rate

Are you working on a government project and believe you are paid less than the Prevailing Wage Rate as set by the government?

The Prevailing Wage Rate, in general terms, is a series of fixed pay rates for the different skills necessary in the building or remodeling of various types of Government property. The rate is standardized, in part, to allow competitive bidders to estimate costs before they actually engage contractors and sub contractors. The Prevailing Wage Rate must be applied equally among direct employees, contractors and/or subcontractors doing the same kinds of work.

Suppose you are a contractor or subcontractor and are working under these kinds of contracts and you believe your pay is less than direct employees doing the same kind of work. You may be able to receive the difference in back wages, including overtime and certain other benefits based on the timekeeping records the employer is required to keep accurately by law. The employer may also be significantly fined.
If you have overnight travel as part of the job, this principal also applies to the “Per Diem” (the amount of money that an employee may be required to pay for lodging and meals.)

If you believe that you have not been paid the required wages or per diem for a public works job, more information is available at, or feel free to telephone our office 800-417-2008 and we can help you determine your options and assist you with any legal or negotiating action necessary to get your fair share.

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