Retail Workers

Retail Workers

Many people work in retail full-time or have worked in retail jobs some time in their life. Very often it involves shift rotation and only during the hours that are required to serve the public. This makes the issues of rest periods and meal breaks more complicated, as well as employee on-site access to, or pricing for, the company’s own services or products.

Some jobs pay by wage and/or commissions and some involve the receiving, sharing and reporting of tips and gratuities.

Sometimes the legal correction of such problems only makes financial sense if pursued as a class action. If you believe the employer is filing incorrect employee income or other information with the government, a category of lawsuit called “qui tam” may apply to your benefit – if you file a suit with an attorney (California Labor Law Attorney will be happy to explain this to you.)

  • Stores
  • Food service
  • Equipment/Vehicle rental

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