Whistleblower Cases

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Many times employees will catch employers in wrongful acts, such as cheating the government out of taxes, taking kickbacks from contractors, overcharging for services never performed, overcharging medicare and many other forms of conduct that can force these corrupt employers to pay the money back. These employees that report their employers can recover a portion of the money recovered by the government entity. The majority of the time, the “whistleblower” employee does not have to disclose their identity.

California Wage Law Attorney represents “Whistleblower” employees for the purpose of getting the maximum recovery from the government, as the reward is negotiable with the government entity. We believe your recovery will be enhanced by having a knowledgeable attorney in employment and whistleblower law. California Wage Law Attorney can be reached at (800) 417-2008. Ask for Attorney, Scott Miller for a no-cost, confidential consultation.

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