Who is the California Department of Labor?

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The California Department of Labor is a division of the state government called the California Labor Commission that is responsible for ensuring that employers comply with the labor laws of the state. They help set and enforce the minimum wage laws, the overtime laws and the number of breaks you should receive based upon the number of hours that you work. They can also be involved with labor disputes where employees believe that their employer has violated the labor laws of California.

Help with Employer Violations of California Department of Labor Laws

If your employer has violated the laws that are enacted by the California Labor Commission, then you should contact an attorney to see if you have an actionable case against your employer. For a free consultation, you can visit California Wage Law Attorney online. You can also call their office, toll free at (800) 417-2008. Many of their cases are done on a no recovery, no fee basis, so, until they win the case, they receive no fee for their services

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