Why Wrongful Termination Claims Increased?

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According to reports from several insurance providers, wrongful termination claims are steadily increasing, apparently, the most frequent labor dispute. Although majority of employment in the country is considered “at-will,” unjust discharge from work continue to increase due to several reasons, basically because the unstable economy has caused a record high number of terminations and lay-offs.
On one hand, the increase in number of wrongful termination cases may reflect the employee’s increased awareness of their employment rights. In cases where the employee has sufficient understanding of the law while the employer doesn’t, the chances of filing a lawsuit is evidently higher.
Moreover, the spike in unjust termination claims can be credited to the numerous laws, including the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993, the Civil Rights Act of 1991 and the Americans With Disabilities Act of 199, that protect the rights of employees. Because most of these laws are vague, especially for lay people, employees seeking just compensation may need to seek help of an experienced California Wage Law Attorney. Hiring their service often ensures that the plaintiff wins the legal debate and gets what is due him.
While there is a good chance of the employee winning a wrongful termination claim, the fact remains that employers remain at the upper hand when it comes to the labor laws. In fact, despite the overlapping laws that protect employee’s rights, there is no singular blanket of law that specifically makes unjust termination unlawful and punishable. The sweeping consensus is that the former employer often gets the longer end of stick.
However, a proficient California Wage Law Attorney with years of experience in this field of law can help solidify your claim. There are more than 20 legal grounds that can be used to support your claim for wrongful termination. Usually, a wage law attorney will evaluate your situation and explore which laws have been violated. This strengthens your case ensures that you’ll get the best remuneration possible for you. Evidently, employment-at-will does not negate your legal rights. Although the legal battle ahead may seem tough, a labor law attorney on your side will definitely increase your chances of getting real justice.

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