Working Conditions

Working Conditions

No matter how committed we are to our work, meals, safety, coworker relations and perhaps language issues frame our daily work experience. If these kinds of things are unsettled it may not be our fault.California Labor Law Attorney can review your experience, and if the situation suggests some part of this may be outside the state regulations, corrective measures or clarification may benefit not only yourself, but perhaps your coworkers as well. If the situation falls within the law then you are that much better informed, improvements are still possible and by just raising the issue may encourage a rethinking of the current work environment that may benefit all.

  • Meal breaks – rest breaks – Shift rotation
  • Internet/Phone access
    • Required by Employer
  • Work at customer site
  • Workplace safety
  • Language issues
  • Safety equipment – Occupational risk
  • Weather/Seasonal conditions
  • Work from home – Telecommuting
  • Management/Coworker relations
  • Legal indemnification issues
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Workplace Harassment

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