Wrongful Termination: How to Protect Yourself

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With high unemployment rate still a major concern, wrongful termination is the last thing any employee would ever want. Although federal and state laws clearly enunciate the rights of employees’ against unjust termination, still there are many who fall victim to unfair labor practices. On one hand, employees, too, are partly to be blamed for such cases. Lack of knowledge and failure to assert their rights make such cases commonplace.
So, as an employee, what can you do to protect your rights?
First, every employee is duty-bound to know what their rights are under the federal and state laws. In fact, the law requires employers to inform their workers of their rights upon employment. Moreover, there are tons of online resources where you can get such information. Private law firms specializing in this field often provide free legal counseling to employees who want to know more about labor laws. At California Wage Law Attorney, educating people about their rights is of top priority.
Second, if you find yourself discharged without valid grounds, it is best to keep necessary documentation of the incidents surrounding your termination, regardless of whether you’ll seek legal remedy or not. This material is essential not just in filing a lawsuit, but also in applying for unemployment insurance or seeking new employment. Document accurate information including people, dates and locations involved in significant events such as performance reviews, salary increase or decrease, promotions or demotions, or even informal comments from your employer with regards to work. Often, a thorough documentation is enough to build solid wrongful termination claims.
Third, request from your employer necessary documents pertaining to your employment, such as employee reviews, reports and correspondence. Most state laws require disclosure of personnel file, except for strictly confidential documents. Keeping these records will strengthen your claim should you decide to pursue a wrongful termination case. This is especially helpful in case your employer denies existence of such documents.
Finally, seek legal help from experts. While gathering necessary documents may be done without legal assistance, solidifying your claims and getting just compensation often requires expertise in this field of law. California Wage Law Attorney can help you sort out different issues and uphold your rights under the law.

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