Helping Workers Protect Their Rights: Employee Class Actions

A class action is a type of lawsuit that involves numerous people who have all suffered some type of harm or who all have the same dispute. For example, if dozens of employees in a workplace are not being paid the overtime to which they are entitled, it may make sense to file an employee class action lawsuit.

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Class Actions Can Help Hold Employers Accountable

It is no secret that legal expenses can add up quickly. It is often impractical and cost-prohibitive for an individual to pursue an action against his or her employer. Even if an individual worker is able to see his or her case all the way through to a settlement, the cost to the employer may still end up being less than the cost of actually following the law.

A class action can help all employees who have been wronged recover some form of financial compensation. When a business is penalized for violating the rights of dozens, if not hundreds, of employees, the business usually quickly changes its ways.

We Serve As Strong Advocates

Our lawyers are not quick to accept the first settlement offer that comes our way. We are committed to protecting workers and we will hold out until we are confident that our clients receive what they deserve. Our tenaciousness is reflected in our past successful class action suits.

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