Reimbursable Employee Expenses

In California, employers are required to reimburse employees for certain job-related expenses. Unfortunately, some employers fail to properly reimburse employee expenses because no one has ever challenged their procedures, or they have failed to explain the process properly.

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What Types Of Expenses Are Subject To Reimbursement?

There are a wide variety of expenses that are subject to reimbursement, including:

Uniforms: Many workplaces have some form of a dress code. It is important to note that not all required clothing can be defined as a "uniform" under California law. A uniform typically must consist of a distinctive color or design, such as a shirt with the employer's logo on it. While many employers provide uniforms to their employees, employers may also be responsible for any costs related to cleaning or maintaining the uniform, such as dry cleaning bills.

Tools and equipment: Certain jobs can only be performed with the use of special tools and equipment. In general, employers are responsible for supplying these tools, or they must reimburse the employee for any expenses if the employee has to purchase the tools required to perform his or her job. If the tools require special maintenance, the employer may have to reimburse the employee for any incurred expenses.

Travel: If your job requires you to travel, your employer is typically required to provide all necessary and reasonable travel expenses, including meals, lodging and other expenses incurred while away from home. It is usually up to the employee to provide receipts and records of all incurred expenses.

Mileage reimbursement on personal vehicles: Driving and transportation costs must be reimbursed by the employer if the employee uses his or her personal vehicle to perform job-related duties. Note that this does not include driving to and from work.

Other expenses: There are numerous other expenses that may be subject to employer reimbursement, including job-related education or training courses, and cellphone-related expenses. Our lawyers can let you know what types of expenses your employer is required to cover.

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