California Wage And Hour Claims: Who We Help

At The Law Offices of Scott A. Miller, APC, our attorneys represent workers in all fields who have claims against their employers. From unpaid overtime to issues involving employee background checks, we are dedicated to helping workers recover the compensation to which they are entitled. To learn more, call us at 888-343-3455.

Office Workers

More offices are allowing employees to telecommute, which can raise issues when it comes to tracking hours, and education and training expenses. Child care issues may also arise. In-house contractors may have a vague status when it comes to options and benefits. Our lawyers can review your situation under current regulations in California and help you pursue the most effective course of action.

Government Workers

Government work can provide employees with many benefits. Many of these benefits must be extended to contract workers and even some volunteer workers. Some private firms performing work on the government's behalf may also be required to extend benefits to their employees. We can help you explore your options to ensure that you are receiving your full share of benefits.

Manufacturing Workers

Jobs on a factory floor or jobs that involve servicing manufacturing accounts can involve long hours. Full meal breaks and rest periods are important to your well-being, as well as to your performance and accuracy when performing your job. Rush jobs or delays can require overtime hours. Even if your employer is short on help or on cash, your hours must follow the limits placed by law and you must be paid overtime. We can let you know whether legal action, such as a class action lawsuit, is necessary to recover what you are owed.

Nurses, Technology Workers, Tradesmen And Women

Nurses, technology workers, and tradesmen and women all work long hours in demanding positions, which can leave them vulnerable to having their rights violated. Employers have lawyers on their side to help protect them. Get the legal counsel you need to help protect your rights.

Retail Workers

Retail work often involves shifting hours. This makes the issues of rest periods and meal breaks more complicated. Some jobs pay an hourly wage. Other jobs base their payment on commissions, while others may involve the receiving, sharing, and reporting of tips and gratuities. Sometimes the legal correction for these problems is best pursued as a class action. We can let you know what options are available.

On-Site Workers

If you work at a customer's site (construction, repair, landscaping, housekeeping, etc.) there can be issues when it comes to reporting your time, as well as conflicting instructions between your employer and an on-site customer. In all cases, your employer is responsible for your health and safety on the job. We can help resolve any employment-related issues you may be facing.

All Other Workers

Our representation is not limited to the fields listed above. If you believe that your rights as an employee are being violated, we may be able to help.

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