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• Special Problem Business Our Office has Discovered are Sellers of Seafood. This would include Restaurants, Wholesalers, Retailers, Exporters and Importers of Seafood. 

CONSUMER SEAFOOD FRAUD has become a huge problem and could be the biggest mistake for your business whether you were not even aware (in good faith) the seafood you were buying or selling was fake, meaning “mislabeled.” 

Let me give you a hypothetical: You own one or a chain of restaurants. On the menu, you have listed Chilean Sea Bass that sells for $40. Unknown to you, a patron who really knows fish, taste your fish and immediately detects it is not Chilean Sea Bass, but a species of fish that is a cheap bass that is 75% less expensive. You have purchased a ton of filets to supply your restaurants. In fact, the more you purchased, the better price you paid. 

Your Restaurant Patron goes to a class action attorney tells his story, brings a piece of the fish home with in the “doggy bag” you provided, gives it to the attorney who immediately sends it to a DNA lab for testing. The report from the DNA lab comes back to the attorney and the report states the fish is not Chilean Sea Bass, but bass caught off the shore of beach. Furthermore, the difference in value is $25 per pound and you have purchased a thousand pounds. Do the math! 1,000 X $25. But you bought 10,000 pounds in the last six months. Do the math! 10,000 X $25. Guess what? You have served thousands of customers this mislabeled fish and you are now being sued as a class action for fraud and misrepresentation because the fish you sold was mislabeled. You will likely need our legal service to represent you. The damages will be huge in both dollars and reputation. I suggest you “click” on the above phrase in bold, Consumer Seafood Fraud.

This is one example of many that will put businesses under. The Law Offices Of Scott A Miller, APC knows what's going on because we have sued many businesses for unlawful acts to protect consumers, employees, identity theft and more. We know why and what employers are getting sued for. Don't wait until you have been sued to call us, because the costs could be overwhelming. Call our office at (800) 417-2008 for a no cost 20 minute consultation. You will be glad you did because you will walk away with knowledge you probably did not know before.

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