Wrongful Termination

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There are different situations that permit employers to terminate their employee, but when they do so against the California employment law, the aggrieved employee can find themselves with an actionable wrongful termination case.
In a society where labor costs are intensive, such as ours, the sad truth remains that regular workers don’t often get what they deserve. Albeit the crucial role that manpower plays in the overall success of any company, the benefits that employees enjoy are still not equal to the services they render. Perhaps, one of the worst deprivations employees can get is being fired from work unfairly and unethically.
When proving a claim of wrongful termination, the petitioner must establish that the termination was done illegally or unethically. Some of the well-known reasons for termination include discrimination based on sex, age, race or socio-cultural affiliations. Termination that results from an employee’s refusal to comply with improper practices of the company also constitutes illegal termination.
While proving such claims may sound simple, the legal process is rather tough. In fact, improper handling of such cases can only result in dismissal of the complaint due to technicality and regardless of its legal bearing. An experienced California Wage Law Attorney can assess your legal predicament and determine whether the company can be charged with wrongful termination. Depending on the facts of your case, a wage lawyer can bring the matter to the court and work towards a justified claim.
But with the current California employment laws and social security laws, employees can expect a tedious legal debate should they decide to pursue legal claim. Basically, employers control their employee, especially with regards to security of tenure in the company. The doctrine ‘employment-at-will,’ which holds until today and is considered by our courts, can make the struggle even more evident. Under this doctrine, the absence of a binding contract means that the employee is working voluntarily and indefinitely for the employer. As such, the employee has the right to quit job whenever and for whatever reasons, without consequences whatsoever on his detriment. However, such employee-employer relationship gives the at-will employer the right to end the employment, also without any drawback, regardless of reason. This is a common situation that is often resolved in a wrongful termination case.
Although labor disputes such as this do not normally warrant reinstatement of the employee, a proficient California Wage Law Attorney can help the aggrieved party get their lawful compensation. Most wrongful termination claims are settled even at the initial phase, often the employee is at the short end of the stick. As such, a just and lawful remuneration is the foremost concern of any labor law attorney.
A labor lawyer with intensive knowledge of the California employment law will help you find the best legal recourse for your case. Based on the facts governing your employment status and the circumstances of the termination, wage lawyers will explore all legal remedies including possible court action, and not simply having a settlement. This would promote justice and would ensure that rightful compensation is served on your end. For a no-cost, confidential consultation, feel free to contact the Law Offices of Scott A. Miller at California Wage Law Attorney.

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